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Rock (Boulder) Demolition Using Chemical Breaking by DCS Consolidated Construction Sdn. Bhd.

We provide new technique to break down huge rocks or concrete body using chemical powder.


  • Accelerates demolition.
  • No noise, vibrations, sparks and exhausts.
  • No heavy machinery.
  • No flying debris, fire and toxic gases.
  • HYGIENIC CERTIFICATE issued by National Institute of Hygiene.
  • Less hammering and energy consumption.
  • Controlled path/run and pattern of cracking.
  • Controlled demolition zones.
  • “Cutting” along designated lines.
  • Breaking into desired sizes.
  • nNo precautions and qualifications for handling explosive materials are required.
  •  Splitting or dividing into sizes suitable for transport.


With just 6 ( six ) step you’re able to break the rock or boulder having  the size of Alphard and or mini bus  to a handle smaller size into pieces suitable for transport :

  1. Equipment setting up
  2. Drilling 
  3. Dust removal 
  4. Chemical mixing 
  5. Chemical transfer 
  6. Rock Disintegration stone splitting

It’s a different method of rock breaking and demolition of a bases , foundations concrete and rocky hump and boulder removal of rocky humps and boulders.

Cutting concrete piles, exposing and releasing steel reinforcement from concrete,natural stone extraction,


When heavy machines, noise, or vibrations are undesirable. Effective and total safe. Involve no dynamite and explosion. ‘Soft’ way to breaks hard rock/concrete.

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