Company Occupational Health And Safety Policy

It is DCS Consolidated Construction (DCS SB) policy that work is to be carried out in a safe manner, and that Occupational health and safety is to be regarded as a pre-requisite in all operations.

Safety is the responsibility of all. All employee of DCS SB and its sub-contractors are charged with the duty of ensuring safety in the work place.

Safety in DCS SB operation and work site and construction shall be developed and maintained by close attention to design, work methods, materials and equipment and by the proper motivation and training of workers and staff.


  1. Compliance with legislative and customer requirements.
  2. Provide a healthy and safe work environment for all its employees.
  3. Maintenances of a safety and health system.
  4. Promote continuous improvement and minimise safety incidents and accidents.
  5. Encourage every employee to stop an activity they feel is hazardous or unsafe.