Geotechnical Engineering Testing


Construction Materials Testing and Engineering Services

DCS Lab offers our customers industry leading and all-inclusive construction materials testing and Quality Control services. All of our services are completely customized to our clients’ engineering and testing needs.

Soil Testing Services

DCS Lab will analyze and thoroughly test your construction site’s soils. Our construction materials engineering services for soil include field monitoring and testing, compaction and stabilization, shallow subsurface studies, and laboratory identification and classification. All of these tests provide assurance that worksite soils can sustain your current or future construction.

 Concrete Testing Services 

At DCS, our construction materials testing and engineering services can help you with all your concrete testing and engineering needs. Our experts do provide mix design and testing for concrete, we also will monitor not only your construction site but also all ready-mix plants and concrete products plants. We also test concrete cube and evaluate in-place hardened concrete.

Asphalt Thickness Testing and other Asphalt Testing Services  

DCS’s industry leading construction materials testing and engineering services will handle all your major asphalt concerns including extraction and gradation, field density and thickness checks, and plant and field monitoring. DCS also offers FDOT approved super pave asphalt mix designs.

Soil Investigation Works

soil investigation is to investigate the sub-surface conditions and to determine their engineering parameters for the purpose of design works.