About us

DCS consolidated construction S/B for your any third party civil laboratory testing. DCS is a registered company with CIDB G5 bumiputra with PKK and accredited to ISO 17025:2005 under the Laboratory Accreditation Scheme of Malaysia or Skim Akreditasi Makmal Malaysia (SAMM). specializing in:-

1. Soil Investigation,

2. Soil Testing including Mackintosh Probe,

3. Pullout testing for soil nailing work and anchorage,

4. Plate Bearing,

5. Aggregate Testing,

6. Road Base and Premix Testing and Design Mix of Premix,

7. Concrete testing

8. Soil and Aggregate and

9. Environmental Consultant

10.Tensile and bending test

11.All Laboratory and site testing

Beside our laboratory testing, we are also capable of carrying out Specialist work such as:-

1.Structural repairs,

2.Chemical Rock breaking,

3.Structure Integrity Analysis,

4.Coating Works,

5.Waterproofing works,

6.Value added advantage we are also capable of providing the underground Utility mapping for the new sites and existing sites.

7.Pressure grouting

At DCS we strive to be the market leader in laboratory testing, recruitments and our specialized

industry by maintaining the highest standards in customer service and quality products, providing

cost effective solutions and delivering all projects on time, every time.

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Well-written SOPs facilitate training. Having complete step-by-step instructions helps trainers and  ensure that nothing is missed and provides a reference resource for trainees.

That is why our company DCS consolidated construction believe all test must come with SOP

Well-written SOPs facilitate cross training. A SOP can be an excellent reference

document on how a task is done for employees filling in on jobs they do not perform

on a regular basis.

 People tend to be supportive of the things they help create. Involving employees in

developing SOPs can help assure the final product is more complete, useful and


In DCS we have not less than 50 SOPs generated for the approved test method